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Artists by Last Name

Adams, Ansel – “Clearing Winter Storm, Yosemite Valley”

Albers, Joseph – “Homage to the Square”

anonymous – “Gabrielle d’Estrees and one of her Sisters”

Arcimboldo, Guiseppe – “Summer”

Barocci, Federico – “Aeneas’ Flight from Troy”

Bartholdi, Frederic Auguste – “Liberty Enlightening the World”

Beraud, Jean – “The Magdalene at the House of Pharisees”

Bloch, Carl – “The Birth of Christ”

Bloch, Carl – “Healing at the Pool of Bethesda”

Bloch, Carl – “The Resurrection”

Bosch, Hieronymus – “The Garden of Earthly Delights”

Botero, Fernando – “Eva”

Botticelli, Sandro – “The Birth of Venus”

Bouguereau, William-Adolphe – “Le Printemps”

Bouguereau, William-Adolphe – “Young Woman Defending Herself Against Eros”

Bruegel, Pieter – “The Tower of Babel”

Buhler, Fritz Zuber – “Innocence”

Cabanel, Alexandre – “Phaedra”

Caillebotte, Gustave – “Paris Street, Rainy Day”

Calder, Alexander – “The Star (Mobile)”

Camuccini, Vincenzo – “The Death of Caesar”

Caravaggio – “Amor Vincit Omnia”

Caravaggio – “David with the Head of Goliath”

Caravaggio – “The Incredulity of Saint Thomas”

Cezanne, Paul – “The Card Players”

Chagall, Marc – “Double Portrait au Verre de Vin”

Chagall, Marc – “Promenade”

Close, Chuck – “Lucas”

Collier, John – “Lady Godiva”

Coolidge, C.M. – “Dogs Playing Poker”

Copley, John Singleton – “Watson and the Shark”

Courbet, Gustave – “The Painter’s Atelier

Cranach, Lucas the Elder – “The Fountain of Youth”

Cranach, Lucas the Elder – “Justice”

Da Vinci, Leonardo – “Mona Lisa”

Da Vinci, Leonardo – “The Last Supper” (What did they talk about)

Da Vinci, Leonardo – “The Last Supper” (What’d they eat?)

Da Vinci, Leonardo – “Vitruvian Man”

Dali, Salvador – “Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of a New Man”

Dali, Salvador – “The Persistence of Memory”

David, Jacques-Louis – “The Death of Marat”

David, Jacques-Louis – “Intervention of the Sabine Women”

David, Jacques-Louis – “Napoleon in his Study”

David, Jacques-Louis – “Napoleon upon his fiery steed crossing the Alps”

David, Jacques-Louis – “The Oath of Horatii”

Degas, Edgar  – “Absinthe”

Degas, Edgar – “At the Stock Exchange”

Degas, Edgar – “The Rehearsal”

Delacroix, Eugene – “Liberty Leading the People”

Delaroche, Paul – “The Execution of Lady Jane Grey”

Delaroche, Paul – “Hémicycle”

Delaroche, Paul – “The Young Martyr”

Duchamp, Marcel – “Nude Descending Staircase”

Eisenstadt, Alfred – “V-J Day in Times Square”

Eliasson, Olafur – “The Weather Project”

El Greco – “Knight with His Hand on His Breast”

El Greco – “The Burial of the Count of Orgaz”

Ernst, Max – “The Fireside Angel”

Erté – “The Letter K”

Escher, M.C. – “Relativity”

Faivre, Leon-Maxime – “Death of Princess de Lamballe”

Falguière, Alexandre – “The Fighters”

Fischer, Urs – “You”

Flerova, Elena – “Children in the Forest”

Fragonard, Jean-Honore – “The Bolt”

Frans, Hans – “The Laughing Cavalier”

Friedrich, Caspar David – “Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog”

Friedrich, Caspar David – “The Wreck of Hope”

Gainsborough, Thomas – “Boy in Blue”

Garza, Carmen Lomas – “Quinceanera”

Gauguin, Paul – “The Spirit of the Dead Watching”

Gericault, Theodore – “The Raft of Medusa”

Gérôme, Jean-Léon – “Pollice Verso”

Gerome, Jean-Leon – “Pygmalion & Galatea”

Gérôme, Jean-Léon – “The Snake Charmer”

Giger, H.R. – “Birth Machine”

Gilbert, Stuart – “George Washington (Lansdowne Portrait)”

Goya, Francisco de – “La Maja Vestida & La Maja Desnuda”

Goya, Francisco de – “The Colossus

Goya, Francisco de – “The Dutchess de Alba”

Goya, Francisco de – “Saturn Devouring his Son”

Goya, Francisco de – “The Shootings of May 3rd in Madrid, 1808”

Greenberg, Russell – “Cameo Rings & Bracelets by Rux Design”

Hamilton, Richard – “Just What Is It About Today’s Homes That Make Them So Different, So Appealing”

Haring, Keith – “Characters”

Hirst, Damien – “LSD”

Hockney, David – “Mr. & Mrs. Clark & Percy”

Hogarth, William – “A Rakes Progress III”

Hokusai – “The Great Wave Off Kanagawa”

Holbein the Younger, Hans – “Portrait of Henry VIII”

Homer, Winslow – “Home Sweet Home”

Homer, Winslow – “Veteran in a New Field”

Hopper, Edward – “Nighthawks”

Hopper, Edward – “People in the Sun”

Hughes, Edward Robert – “Midsummer Eve”

Impiglia, Giancarlo – “Talking Heads”

Ingres, Jean August Dominique – “Turkish Bath”

Jacometto – “Portrait of a Boy”

Kahlo, Frida – “The Two Fridas”

Kandinsky, Wassily – “Composition VII”

Katz, Alex – “The Black Dress”

Klee, Paul – “Chosen Site”

Klimt, Gustav – “Beethoven Frieze”

Klimt, Gustav – “The Kiss”

Koons, Jeffrey – “Balloon Dog Sculpture”

Korda, Alberto – “Che – Guerrillero Heroico”

LaDuke, Robert – “Tails”

Landseer, Edwin – “Monarch of the Glen”

Larson, Gary – “Cow Tools”

Lasaine, Paul – “Moby Dick”

Laurens, Jean-Paul – “L’Excommunication de Robert le Pieux”

Laurens, Jean-Paul – “The Last Moments of Maximilian, Emperor of Mexico”

Laurens, Jean-Paul – “Saint Jean Chrysostome et l’Imperatrice Eudoxie”

Lefebvre, Jules-Joseph – “Truth”

Leighton, Edmund Blair – “Accolade”

Leighton, Lord Frederick – “Elijah in the Wilderness”

Lempicka, Tamara de – “Andromeda”

Lennon, John – “Come Together”

Leutze, Emanuel – “Washington Crossing the Delaware”

Lichtenstein, Roy – “Drowning”

Lichtenstein, Roy – “In a Car”

Lichtenstein, Roy – “Stepping Out”

Magritte, Rene – “Golconda”

Magritte, Rene – “Son of Man”

Man Ray – “La Priere”

Manet, Edouard – “The Fifer”

Manet, Edouard – “Luncheon in the Park”

Manet, Edouard – “Olympia”

Mantegna, Andrea – “Camera degli Sposi”

Masek, Vitezlav Karel – “The Prophetess Libusa”

Massys, Quinten – “The Ugly Dutchess”

Matisse, Henri – “The Dance”

Matisse, Henri – “Woman with a Hat”

Merrit, Anna Lea – “Love Locked Out”

Michelangelo – “David”

Michelangelo – “The Creation of Adam, Sistine Chapel”

Modigliani, Amedeo – “Portrait of Jeanne Hébuterne”

Mondrian, Piet – “Composition with Red, Yellow & Blue”

Monet, Claude – “Houses of Parliament”

Monet, Claude – “Water Lillies”

Moran, Percy – “The Birth of Old Glory”

Munch, Edvard -“The Scream”

Naldini, Giovan – “Lamentation Over the Dead Christ”

Nicholson, Sir William – “Sir James Matthew Barrie”

O’Keeffe, Georgia – “Jack in the Pulpit, No. IV”

Picasso, Pablo – “Guernica”

Picasso, Pablo – “The Old Guitarist”

Picasso, Pablo – “Self Portrait (Blue Period)”

Pollack, Jackson – “Lavender Mist #1”

Prud’hon, Pierre-Paul – “Justice and Divine Vengeance Pursuing Crime”

Raphael – “The School of Athens”

Raphael – “(Cherubs of the) Sistine Madonna”

Regnault, Henri – “Maures Grena”

Rembrandt – “Syndics of the Drapers’ Guild”

Rembrandt – “The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicholaes Tulp”

Rembrandt – “The Night Watch”

Rembrandt – “Bathsheba at her Bath”

Renoir – “Dance at the Moulin de Galette”

Renoir – “Two Sisters (On the Terrace)”

Rivera, Diego – “The Flower Carrier”

Rochegrosse, Georges – “Knight of the Flowers”

Rockwell, Norman – “Freedom of Speech”

Rockwell, Norman – “Thanksgiving”

Rodin – “The Thinker”

Rosenquist, James – “Gift Wrapped Dolls #37 and #16”

Rothko, Mark – “Untitled Red”

Ryden, Mark – “Meat Boy”

Seurat, Georges-Pierre – “Sunday Afternoon on la Grande Jatte”

Spitzweg, Carl – “The Bookworm”

Tanner, Henry Ossawa – “The Thankful Poor”

Terpning, Howard – “Grandfather Prays to Sun”

Thomas, Andy – “The End of Soapy Smith”

Tintoretto – “The Discovery of St. Mark’s Body”

Titian – “Bacchus and Ariadne”

Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri de – “Red-Headed Nude Crouching”

Trumbull, John – “Declaration of Independence”

Uccello, Paul – “St. George and the Dragon”

Van Eyck, Yan – “The Arnolfini Marriage”

Van Gogh, Vincent – “Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear”

Van Gogh, Vincent – “Skull with Burning Cigarette”

Van Gogh, Vincent – “Starry Night”

Velázquez, Diego – “Las Meninas”

Velázquez, Diego – “Old Woman Frying Eggs”

Velázquez, Diego – “Rokeby Venus”

Velázquez, Diego – “The Crucifixion”

Velázquez, Diego – “The Temptation of St. Thomas Aquinas”

Vermeer, Johannes – “Girl with the Pearl Earring”

Veronese, Paolo – “The Family of Darius before Alexander”

Veronese, Paolo – “Susanna at the Bath”

Vettriano, Jack – “The Singing Butler”

Vonnegut, Kurt – “Asshole”

Warhol, Andy – “Campbell’s Soup Can”

Waterhouse, John William – “Hylas and the Nymphs”

Waterhouse, John William – “Tristan & Isolde with the Potion”

Wegener, Gerda – “Scene da Carnaval”

Whistler, James McNeil – “Whistler’s Mother”

Wood, Grant – “American Gothic”

Wood, Grant – “Daughters of Revolution”

Wyeth, Andrew – “Christina’s World”

Yeats, Jack Butler – “My Beautiful, My Beautiful”

Zoffany, Johann – “John XIV Lord Willoughby de Broke and his Family in the Breakfast Room at Compton Verney”

Zoffany, Johann – “Tribuna of the Uffizi”

Zugno, Francisco – “The Finding of Moses”

Zurbaran, Francisco de – “Saint Luke as a Painter Before Christ on the Cross”

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