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Grant Wood – Daughters of Revolution (animated)

March 24, 2010

Daughters of the Revolution
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Grant Wood‘s “Daughters of Revolution” (1932)

Current Location: Cincinnati Art Museum,Cincinnati, OH

AKA DOCUMENT OF THE DAY: The Abridged Declaration of Independence

FACT OF THE DAY: Grant Wood’s other famous painting is “American Gothic”

OTHER FACT OF THE DAY: John Adams was also pretty bad ass – watch him get feisty here

Tags: American revolution, older women, smug, decendants of revolutionary soldiers, Daughters of the American Revolution, Cincinatti Art Museum, DAR, Tea, George Washington, Imperialism, Bad ass mothafucka, muthafucka, the art of being whack, Thomas Jefferson, Continental Congress, History, America, 1930’s, Art Kicks Ass by Bradley Werner, famous art, masterpieces, artists, painter


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